CATH has been operational throughout Perth & Kinross for the last 30years, supporting individuals over the age of 16 who are homeless or under the threat of homelessness. 

 The majority of individuals we support have multiple needs (i.e. do not face only the challenge of homelessness).

 We pride ourselves in providing a flexible and adaptable service to meet the ever-changing needs of our service users. In particular, we operate a ‘no-one turned away’ policy for those who are deemed vulnerable and also often disengaged from all other service provision.

 While the needs of those we support relate mainly to homelessness, and our support work focuses chiefly on homelessness, we also focus on addressing other needs which homeless people have. Those needs are inherently linked to homelessness, but often require their own support solution. The needs include:

a)  self-care and independence,

b)  employability and training

c)  health and well-being

d)  social isolation within their own peer group

In order for CATH to effectively support those who fall within the homelessness cycle, we look at and address where possible the wider issues which affect our service user group. The stigma which is prevalent in the group we support impacts on general wellbeing which in turn creates inequalities in potential employment, health provision both physical and mental, education/training opportunities and many life chances.

 Our objectives are for early engagement and intervention, where necessary, with the disengaged; to create stability within chaotic live styles; address the issues in order of priority of need; and support service users to address issues directly to maximize the potential to become the experts in their own recovery. By accepting ownership and accountability there is significantly greater probability that the individual will ensure continuity of engagement with services.