Eidyn Care is a family run business based in Edinburgh, Scotland whose aim is to provide a unique service which specialises in providing excellent care at home to allow people to live with dignity and respect.

Our aim is to focus on palliative care with the hope that we can assist people to live life longer with dignity and respect in their own homes. Our Registered Manager has worked in the Health Care Industry as a Nurse for 10 years and knows the challenges faced when providing the best care to clients in the community.

We use a software tool to schedule visits ensuring you have sufficient time to provide the best quality care. Care notes can be updated via your mobile which also defines your next visit. Training is crucial and we have a dedicated trainer who keeps up to date with the latest industry standards.

The Care Inspectorate has awarded us Excellent two years in a row and we have won numerous awards from several different organisations.

We are looking to continue to grow and build a team that really cares!