Changing career is a big step. By career change we don't mean just moving on to another job and continuing to use your existing skills, but actually changing what you do. Lots of people change careers, sometimes several times during their working life.

We believe that in many circumstances such changes can be invigorating and enhancing for the individual and the employer.

That's why we have provided a lot of advice here. For your free career consultation contact TCMO for further information.

If you want to change career, consider all the options carefully, seek guidance if you need it and ask yourself the following questions:

Where am I now?

  1. My career to date has resulted in me achieving life goals
  2. My work / life balance is ideal
  3. My salary reflects my skills and responsibilities
  4. I am confident and feel good about myself

Where do I want to be?

  1. I have a clear Career Objective and know how to achieve this
  2. I can focus precisely on my next career move
  3. I understand where my transferable skills fit in the market place
  4. I can effectively research my career options

How am I going to get there?

  1. I know how to manage head hunters and recruiters
  2. I can network effectively to identify career opportunities
  3. My CV is obtaining meaningful interviews
  4. My interview skills are consistently of a high standard

If you are not in strong agreement with some or all of the above statements, it is highly likely that you and your career development would benefit from Career Coaching.