Are you looking to change careers ?

There are lots of career opportunities in local authorities

There are lots of career opportunities in local authorities, delivering a huge array of services to the public requires all sorts of employees with varying levels of skills, experience and qualifications.

Whether you want to use your existing skills and experience to move into a new role or would like to undertake further training or studies, there are  many opportunities to choose from.

Councils as employers deliver detailed training for all new employees to be able to undertake their roles confidently and safely, but it doesn’t stop there, continual learning is provided. This could be in the form of an online learning module, a formal qualification completed as you work, or continued professional development (CPD) helping you to achieve further in your professional field.

You will find an overview of many of these careers in Career Options.

View the below pages for hints and tips in identifying your skills, gaining more from your current career and advice on which path to take.

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What sort of role is best for me?

Just how skilled am I, then?

The Power of Networking

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