Management roles at all levels require passion and dedication to lead and inspire each employee to be the best they can be and deliver the best quality service provision. Each council must be led with skill and vision to successfully adapt and improve in response to national and local needs to make sure each community in Scotland is supported now and in the future.

As with any organisation Councils require various levels of management to ensure the effective delivery of services, staff management, budget control and ongoing improvement. Each local authority may have a different management structure, generally there will be a Senior Leadership Team. Led by a Chief Executive, senior leadership will comprise of Directors who manage a specific area of service delivery and Service Managers who manage further specific service areas within these.

Within each service area there are various management roles, line and team management is essential so each employee and team is supported and managed to fulfill their role. Business functions need managed to make sure service delivery is efficient, safe and complies with national guidelines. Strategic management is vital to forecast any factors which may impact on how a council functions in the future and how these will be responded to.

Managers in local authorities come from all sectors and backgrounds bringing a wealth of experience to lead in their service area. Some management roles will require a specific qualification in that field, such as business management, leadership, project management or a degree in the relevant field. For many management roles transferable experience of successfully leading is essential. Local Authorities have such a wide range of functions that offer the perfect opportunity to achieve that experience and to develop and progress into a career in management.

"In 10-weeks’ time it’ll be 30 years since I started working with Aberdeen City Council. When I joined, I had left school with few qualifications and I didn't go to university. 

My first job at the Council was filing paper direct debit mandates. I then moved into dealing with customers and then got the opportunity to move into a training team where I could support new staff and train them in new legislation and technology. I worked in various ‘development and operational’ teams before realising that my passion was for customer service and managing operations.  

To my eternal gratitude, the Council funded me through a 3-year distance learning master’s degree in Business Administration. Shortly after graduating from that course, I went on to secure a management position in the Council and have since been promoted to a more senior position. 

The Council has been a hugely supportive employer, at times hugely demanding, but always rewarding, and it’s with great pride that I say I work for the Council."

Bruce Reid, Business Services Manager, Aberdeen City Council

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