Regulatory Services

Local authorities have a responsibility to regulate certain activity to protect the public, the environment and groups such as consumers, residents and tenants, workers and businesses. Ensuring compliance of certain legislation, regulated by efficient and effective inspection and enforcement, improves outcomes without imposing unnecessary burdens on business and others requiring regulation.

Each local authority may have a different structure or grouping of these services provided, the title of service provision and job titles may vary but here is a generalised overview of each:

Environmental Health 

Environmental Health manages public health protection by protecting the community from harmful exposure they may encounter. Environmental Health Officers advise, educate and enforce health and safety legislation to businesses, managers and employees. Environmental Health Officers need to have a degree accredited by the Royal Environmental Health Institute Scotland (REHIS).

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Trading Standards

Trading Standards ensure legislation in followed by businesses to protected from unfair sales or trading, so consumers can support businesses that are legitimate safely. Trading Standards Officers enforce fair trade, monitor product safety, make sure purchase age limits are correct and in place, combat illegal sales and also make sure all weights and measures are enforced. Trading Standards Officers need to have a degree and in some cases membership with The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI).

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