Flexible Childcare Services Scotland (FCSS) has been created to offer children, families, and childcare providers, a unique childcare model that delivers a high quality, flexible and affordable service that is inclusive and accessible to all.

Families who use FCSS’s unique services are able to book day care by the hour, only paying for the time they book. They aren’t subject to any up-front costs, deposits or holiday retainers and they can arrange home based care where experienced staff work within the home.

FCSS has developed a range of software solutions that will allow other childcare providers, including workplace nurseries, to deliver a flexible service for the families they support.

To further support the childcare sector, FCSS has also created a Scotland wide Sessional Team that will match qualified or experienced childcare professionals with providers to that they can continue to provide the best possible service to the children in their care.

Flexible Childcare Services Scotland has a clearly defined vision; Creating flexibility in early learning and childcare for all children, families and communities across Scotland.

Join us and help shape the childcare sector in Scotland.