Welcome to Falkirk

Be part of our Council of the Future...

The Falkirk Council area has been transformed over the past decade. We continue to grow; it is an exciting place with enormous possibilities, a place that has undergone dramatic physical, environmental and social changes, a place at the very heart of Scotland. Strong leadership from Falkirk Council, working closely with our communities and our partners, is leading this change and you can be part of it.

This change is called Council of the Future.

Our Council of the Future builds on the fact that the Council is well respected, has a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement and we take our community leadership role very seriously. We have an impressive track record of delivering high quality services, while maintaining low Council Tax levels. We're committed to building on our existing strong local partnerships and making sure our citizens are at the heart of everything we do.

We know this relies on a skilled, committed and healthy workforce. We've put in place progressive policies to support our employees, including a range of flexible benefits.

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