Welcome to Glasgow

Glasgow City Council is Scotland's largest local authority with 26,000 employees and a gross annual budget of more than £2.3 billion. A further 6,000 staff work for our arm’s length partner organisations known as the Glasgow Family.

We want Glasgow to flourish as a modern, multi-cultural, metropolitan city of opportunity, achievement, culture and sporting excellence where citizens and businesses thrive and visitors are always welcomed.

Our Strategic Plan sets out the priority themes and commitments that will be delivered over the next five years by the council and the Glasgow Family. It will deliver a step change in how we:

  • Promote human rights and reduce inequalities across Glasgow;
  • Improve the life chances and choices for all our citizens;
  • Embed social justice in our policy making;
  • Empower our citizens, giving them a stake, and a say, in what happens in their local communities and communities of interest.

These outcomes underpin all of the actions in our plan and we are accountable for how we deliver them. The council has five service departments who work to deliver our commitments:

  • Chief Executive’s Department
  • Education Services
  • Financial Services
  • Neighbourhood, Regeneration and Sustainability Services
  • Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership

We also work closely with the Glasgow Family.

To help achieve these aims, Glasgow City Council and the Glasgow Family offer rewarding and challenging jobs and careers across a diverse range of public services such as:

  • Education and Social Care
  • Culture and Sporting Services
  • Community Safety
  • Roads Maintenance and Street Lighting
  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • Cleaning and Refuse Collection
  • Construction and Maintenance

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