Shetland - a place to belong

Shetland is a special place, with a strong tradition of welcoming people from different cultures and countries. It has a flourishing and diverse economy full of opportunity and interest, and offers a lifestyle like nowhere else. The council is the biggest employer and offers a range of roles in every part of the isles, all with a chance to make a real impact on the community.

A population of 22,000 lives across three major islands and a dozen smaller ones, in the 7,500-resident capital Lerwick, colourful villages like Scalloway and a host of smaller crofting townships and more remote settlements. Famed for its stunning seascapes across 1700 miles of coastline, its wildlife, outdoor activities and modern infrastructure, Shetland’s position 400 miles south of the Arctic Circle provides it with long, light summer nights and starlit, dark winter skies. With the constant chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

It can be stormy and startlingly calm, but always beautiful with often surprisingly mild winters. Shetland is remote, but connected. It’s archaeology goes beyond the vikings to the Picts and before, but the past half century has seen huge changes, largely funded by the offshore oil industry. Fishing, aquaculture, textiles, tourism and now renewable energy are major economic drivers.

Working for the council, you’ll face unique island challenges and issues familiar in any local authority. We’re ready to welcome you.

For more information visit the Shetland Islands Council website