Glasgow Kelvin College is the key provider of accessible vocational and core-skills learning in the north and east of the city. We deliver high-quality introductory to degree-level programmes to around 15,000 students each year from four campus buildings and through a large network of community-based centres. Engaging with communities which experience high levels of deprivation, the College works with partners to create inclusive progression opportunities in a vibrant and sustainable environment for the learners, communities and stakeholders which we serve.

Glasgow Kelvin College’s ethos is an inclusive one, and is developed through a series of commitments:

  • a commitment to the priority of the needs of the service user;
  • a commitment to quality and innovation;
  • a commitment to ethical curriculum design;
  • a commitment to improving access and equality of opportunity;
  • a commitment to learner engagement and customer care;
  • a commitment to staff involvement;
  • a commitment to collaborative working;
  • a commitment to de-centralisation and outreach;
  • a commitment to sustainable development; and
  • a commitment to high standards of governance.