Queen Victoria School: School Profile

Founded in 1908, Queen Victoria School in Dunblane is funded for tuition and boarding by the Ministry of Defence to provide stability and continuity of education, within the Scottish system, for the children of UK Armed Forces personnel. Service personnel who are Scottish, or who have served in Scotland, or who have been part of a Scottish regiment are given priority.

Fully boarding, co-educational and tri-service (for Army, Navy and RAF children), the School currently takes around 270 pupils from the ages of 10/11 up to 18.

Vision Statement:

We aim to provide a unique, thriving boarding and educational community in which all pupils and staff work to support and respect one another in realising their full potential.

Statement of purpose:

We exist to provide a caring but stretching learning environment, valued by the military families whom we serve. We embody and promote values of honesty, integrity, compassion and empathy. Queen Victoria School has a long tradition of ceremonial excellence; we take pride in this and all that our School has to offer.