We believe in

  • A distinctive ethos which is totally focused on and designed on educating girls
  • Our commitment to individual attention, small class sizes and nurturing girls' full potential
  • A strong student voice developing individuality and self-belief so that each girl is encouraged to be herself
  • Achieving academic excellence (graded 'Excellent' by Education Scotland for Improvement in Performance)
  • A commitment to leadership and diversity broadening our students' views and preparing them for the real world
  • curriculum that is progressive and coherent with seamless transitions from one stage to the next (Graded 'Excellent' by Education Scotland for Curriculum)
  • An enriching and flexible learning environment with a broad and rounded curriculum
  • Time to grow and freedom to be oneself without the distraction of boys or stereotyping
  • A strong sense of community

 We are unique

  • The only predominantly all-through girls' school in Edinburgh from nursery - 18 years
  • Our Lower School (Primary 6 – Secondary 1) with its unique learning environment where we start secondary education in Remove (Primary 7) a year earlier than most other Scottish schools
  • Our exceptional international programme which promotes an understanding and awareness of ourselves within the Scottish and international context