What does working as a lecturer involve?

You would help teenagers and adults learn new skills and get qualifications to improve their job prospects. You would teach students over the age of 16. You might also work with some 14 to 16 year-olds studying work-related subjects.

There are different types of courses taught by our lecturers, for example:

Vocational courses that train students for careers such as catering, construction or childcare - often leading to qualifications

Diplomas offered in colleges or partner schools

Academic subjects, like Maths and English - often leading to qualifications such as Highers

Leisure courses, such as cookery


The prospectus for West Lothian College is available on our website (www.west-lothian.ac.uk) and shows the diversity of subjects and courses that are offered.

Depending on the subject you teach, you would use a variety of teaching methods, such as seminars, tutorials and demonstrations.

You would:

Plan and prepare lessons or seminars

Set and mark assignments, tests and exams

Monitor and assess students’ progress

Develop new courses and teaching materials

Keep records and carry out other administrative tasks

Go to meetings, professional development courses and workshops

Interview prospective students

Act as personal tutor - supporting students and helping with problems

Supervise practical work, work placements or field trips

You could teach full-time, part-time (day or evening) or day release courses.

You’d need to have patience and be able to relate well to students of all ages and abilities.



What are the working conditions like?
Hours You would work up to 35 hours a week, with about 23 teaching hours. There are part time opportunities available.

You would benefit from a generous leave entitlement of 62 days per year.

You would be part of the Scottish Public Pensions Agency Teachers’ Pension Scheme – a comprehensive career-average, defined benefit scheme. Further information is available here: https://pensions.gov.scot/teachers/your-membership/scheme-benefits

You would be based in a classroom, workshop or laboratory, depending on the subject you teach. These are all on our single-site campus in the centre of Livingston. At times online delivery of teaching takes place.

You might need to travel during your working day, for instance to accompany students on field trips or assess students in the workplace.

If you do not have a Teaching Qualification in Further Education you may be supported to undertake this – both for course funding and remission time. If you are interested in a career in lecturing please note there is free online professional study available: Level 7 TiCT (collegedevelopmentnetwork.ac.uk)

Detailed information for those considering working as a lecturer is available from Skills Development Scotland: https://www.myworldofwork.co.uk/my-career-options/job-profiles/further-education-lecturer