For many people, the main image of us is our emergency responses vehicles and 999 control room staff, but we are much more than that and the Service employs a wide range of roles to support that response. Without our dedicated and skilled workforce we would not be able to deliver the service to our patients that we strive for. It is the truly remarkable people that we employ both in face to face patient care and those who support them that enable us to give the best care possible.

To enable us to deliver our service, we need skills right across the spectrum including a whole range of management roles, Clinical expertise, Education and Training, Risk & Resilience, Emergency Planning, HR, Finance and Administration.

We recruit our multi-talented, multi professional workforce from a range of backgrounds and experiences, always seeking those people with the best skill mix, who can demonstrate the right behaviours and values and who can help us achieve our vision of putting the patient at the heart of what we do.

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