In March 1995, Aberdeen Foyer was established in response to a growing concern for youth homelessness in the North East of Scotland. Since its inception, the Foyer has moved well beyond the early focus on those aged 16-25 to encompass a much wider age range of programme participants, learners and tenants. While inclusion continues to widen, young people remain at the heart of the organisation.

The Foyer focuses on giving people of all ages the right tools to move into employment. Being in work can bring about lasting change to people who have faced challenges in their lives, helping them move on from homelessness, poor health and wellbeing, offending backgrounds and substance misuse. For these people, having a job not only provides a real sense of purpose, belonging and self-worth but also a chance to grasp new opportunities.

Aberdeen Foyer listens and responds to the hopes and aspirations of those it accommodates, helping them plan for life beyond the Foyer – a safe home, a job, friends and family.