Go Forth Stirling is a registered limited company that manages Stirling Business Improvement District (BID).

A BID is a defined area (see here) in which a levy is charged on all business ratepayers in addition to the business rates bill they already receive. This levy is used to develop projects which will benefit businesses in the local area. There is no limit on what projects or services can be provided through a BID, as long as they add to services provided by local authorities.

The projects and services outlined in our Business Plan are delivered by a Project Manager and a small team of staff. These staff report to a Board of Directors. The Board was elected when the Company was formed in 2017. All of those businesses who voted in the BID ballot and are required to pay the BID levy were able to nominate someone to be a Director.

A BID typically lasts for five years with the bottom-line being that it improves the trading environment and public domain. BIDs are governed by legislation contained in the Local Government Act 2003.