The LGT is a registered Scottish Charity which offers independent parenting capacity assessments within a rural residential setting near the village of Thornhill, 10 miles from Stirling town centre. The LGT provides residential placements to parents and their child/children in cases where there are concerns about the parent’s ability to meet the needs of their child/children and the Local Authority requires more evidence-based information about whether the child can remain safe within the family, and if so, what supports are required. The LGT’s practice is underpinned by Kate Cairns ‘Five to Thrive working model’ while undertaking a 12-week parenting capacity assessment working alongside the family to assess, support and develop parent’s confidence, skills and insight in order to develop attachment and form beneficial relationships. The LGT staff team work closely in partnership with independent consultants in Social Work, Psychiatry, Counselling, Health, Play and Art Therapy to provide an opportunity to the family to promote change which contributes to the overall Parenting Capacity Assessment.