The States of Jersey has recently had an election and a new Ministerial Team to lead Health and Social Services have been appointed.

Community and Social Services (CSS) Directorate sits within the wider Department of Health and Social Services, which includes all of the Acute Services (General Hospital), Ambulance Service and Corporate functions. Primary care is an independent function though there is a Primary Care Medical Director who sits on the Corporate Management Executive Team together with the Acute Medical Director and Community & Social Services Medical Director.

Profile of Services in CSS

Community & Social Services consists of:

  • Children’s Services (MASH, community social work teams, independent safeguarding service, Looked After Children, residential services, CAMHS, disabled children’s services,)
  • Adults Service (adult social work, special needs, adult residential services, adult mental health, alcohol and drugs services)
  • Services for Older People (nursing and residential mental health services for older people, social work teams)
  • Therapy Services (speech and language, occupational therapy, intermediate care, talking therapies)