Not all teachers work 9 to 5. In Scotland, there are a variety of part-time, temporary, and supply roles, ideal for qualified teachers looking to get back into teaching.

The Need for Part-Time / Supply Teachers

Although the majority of teaching roles are full-time, there are many part-time or supply teachers in Scotland. There are several reasons why schools offer part-time /supply teaching roles.

Some roles can be full-time but temporary e.g. if the role is covering maternity/paternity leave, or a long-term absence.

What are the benefits of being a part-time/supply teacher?

Some qualified teachers leave teaching to pursue other careers, so if you’re not sure whether returning to teaching is the right move for you, you might consider testing the water with some part-time or supply teaching. It will allow you to refamiliarise yourself with the classroom and decide if you’d like to commit to the role full-time.

Part-time teachers enjoy a range of employee benefits similar to the ones full-time teachers enjoy.

  • Part-time teachers are paid a pro rata salary equivalent to what they would earn as a full-time employee.
  • Part-time teachers have a pro rata entitlement to public holidays or days off in lieu.
  • Part-time teachers also have a pro rata entitlement to in-service days.

Are there any drawbacks to working part-time over full-time?

Depending on the school, part-time teachers may be expected to be more flexible with hours than their full-time counterparts. Required meetings may occasionally be scheduled on your off days, for example, and you must ensure you are up to speed with updates from your days off.

Part-time teachers might enjoy a better work-life balance, however, allowing more time to be spent with families or on other interests.

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