Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) brings together public agencies, the third sector, and the private sector, to work to improve the city, its services, and the lives of people who live and work here.

Community planning brings together organisations and the local community to plan for, resource, and secure the provision of services which improve local outcomes in a local authority area.  This prioritises the reduction of inequalities through effective community engagement, recognising that change is best achieved through partnership with our residents.

With that purpose in mind, the Glasgow Community Planning Partners have come together to demonstrate how our staff can work across our organisations to deliver for the City.  By bringing together access to our individual vacancies in one place, we are improving understanding of our roles and raising awareness of opportunities to share skills, experience and expertise.  This approach will ensure that, over time we will create a Glasgow approach to working for the City, regardless of organisation.   We are also keen to welcome to the City’s public sector, staff that are interested in becoming part of our shared endeavour for Glasgow.

If you are a partner organisation in Glasgow and wish to advertise your vacancies on these pages please contact: for details.

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