Autism Initiatives was founded in the early 1970s and has been established in Scotland since 2004. We deliver unique services and personalised opportunities to autistic adults in a variety of locations across Scotland. 

We understand that people with autism may see, experience and understand the world around them in a different way to people without autism. We try to gain an understanding of each person, enabling us to know how we must change in order to communicate successfully and to provide the best support.

Our range of specialist autism services are person-led. No two people with autism are the same and neither are any of our personal plans. We work with each individual and their family to understand what they need, how they work best, and how we can support each person to achieve their own goals.

We use our person-centred Five-Point framework which places each autistic person at the heart of their support and enables staff to think about how they must change their approach to best support each person.

Our Vision 

People with autism can learn and develop and we support this process every single day. We create unique services that enable people to have ownership of their own lives and future.

​Our Mission

To meet the needs of people with autism, their families and carers by providing a range of services which are personal, professional and innovative.