Our services include personal care, domestic support, respite care and night care. Where we make a difference is our commitment to our service users to match you with our trained carers. We support people with a variety of care needs. 

Support workers provide personal, practical, and emotional support to adults, and their carers in their own homes and in the community. The client group is varied, Community Care Choice support people with a range of physical and mental health care needs. 


1. Providing personal care including:     

Ÿ assisting a service user to rise from or go to bed

Ÿ assistance with the physical transfer of clients, with or without the use of mechanical aids

Ÿ assistance with personal hygiene, including cleaning as a result of incontinence

Ÿ assistance with washing and bathing

Ÿ dental hygiene

Ÿ assistance with catheter care

Ÿ assistance with colostomy care

Ÿ assistance with stoma care

Ÿ assistance with eye drops

Ÿ assistance with specialist feeding

Ÿ assistance with oxygen administration

Ÿ shaving/hair care

Ÿ dressing and undressing

Ÿ assisting service user with toileting

Ÿ assisting service user to prepare for day care etc.

Ÿ social and emotional support


2.        Awareness of health needs:

Ÿ recognize need to notify line manager and family for input from GP/nurse

Ÿ co-operation with relevant health and social care providers including GP, district nurse, health visitor, occupational therapist, social worker etc.

Ÿ assisting with medication, by prompting and monitoring the taking of medicine by service user

Ÿ collection and delivery of prescriptions


3. Meeting service user’s needs in relation to food and nutrition:

Ÿ preparation of food in the home

Ÿ dealing with dietary needs, including having regard to health related needs (e.g. diabetes, religious requirements, modified diets, fortified diets) – follow care plan

Ÿ assistance with feeding or drinking and an understanding of textured diets

Ÿ advance preparation of snacks and drinks

Ÿ management of food stores/fridge etc.

Ÿ supervision at mealtimes

Ÿ feeding at mealtimes

Ÿ menu planning as per care plan

Ÿ providing meals and refreshments as appropriate

Ÿ completing food diaries as required


4. Maintaining and developing living skills:

Ÿ assisting with preparation of shopping lists

Ÿ shopping/accompanying service user to shops

Ÿ assisting with money management, pension collecting, handling money, bill paying, explaining financial transactions to service user

Ÿ assisting with letter writing, completion of forms etc.

Ÿ demonstrating and assisting with household skills

Ÿ demonstrating and assisting with preparation of snacks

5. Providing domestic and household services:

Ÿ bed making, including cleaning up after incontinence

Ÿ emptying and cleaning commode

Ÿ general domestic cleaning

Ÿ general tidying

Ÿ washing up

Ÿ general laundry, including bed linen etc. and laundering of soiled garments

Ÿ ironing

Ÿ operating central and other heating systems

Ÿ dealing with household refuse


6.        Maintenance of service user’s safety:

Ÿ managing food hygiene

Ÿ assisting service user with health and safety issues (e.g. safety of household equipment, furnishings etc.)

Ÿ checking and minding safety/wellbeing of service users

Ÿ promptly report any change which may affect the health or wellbeing of a tenant


7. Escort and transport duties:

Ÿ accompany service user to and from: social and recreational activities, outings (including visits to church or religious centers) appointments (e.g. Hospital)


8. To adhere to:

Ÿ The Scottish Social Services Council Codes of Practice

Ÿ To adhere to Community Care Choice’s commitment to health and safety, supporting attendance, equal opportunities and compliance with all relevant policies.

This description is indicative of the nature and level of responsibilities associated with the post. It is not exhaustive and the job holder will be required to undertake other duties and responsibilities commensurate with the grade