Cygnet Health Care was established in 1988. Since then we have developed a wide range of services for individuals with mental health needs, autism and learning disabilities within the UK. We have built a reputation for delivering pioneering services and outstanding outcomes for the people in our care.

In Scotland, we have Cygnet Wallace Hospital in Dundee and Ranaich House in Dunblane. Wallace is a 10-bed specialist high dependency service providing assessment and treatment for individuals with learning disabilities, with or without autistic spectrum disorder, as well as complex needs and behaviours. Ranaich House is a specialist residential service with nursing, supporting adults with learning disabilities and complex needs, including those with mental health or physical health needs.

Our Care colleagues help service users achieve positive outcomes, every day. Join Us! And you’ll be part of an innovative, caring organisation that progresses careers.

Our Nurses offer compassion and clinical excellence. Nursing is at the forefront of our services. It’s a rewarding career where you’ll be caring for people, while your colleagues help and support you.

Our Hospitality teams create the safe, comfortable environments that give our service users a positive experience. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent care in high-quality settings.

Our outstanding quality of care starts with our commitment to our people. We love empowering, supporting and nurturing our colleagues just as much as we love caring for our service users.

It takes lots of passionate people with a wide range of skills and expertise to provide the life-changing care we’re proud of at Cygnet. For our patients and their families, these people are heroes. And, each one of them helps us to help others live healthier, happier lives.