Counselling Services in Annandale

What is Women’s Aid?

We are a charitable organisation for women and children whose lives have been affected by Domestic abuse. Domestic abuse can be shown in many forms such as physical, emotional, sexual and financial.

Women can self-refer or can be referred by another agency. You do not have to have children to receive support from us. You do not need an appointment.

We offer various aspects of support from our service which include safe accommodation, Housing support, counselling, advocacy, 24hr on call service, outreach support (home visits) and drop-in centre.

Our service is free, confidential and non-judgmental with friendly welcoming staff that will offer a safe place to talk. We believe everyone has the right to live a life free from abuse and harm, and they are not to blame for being abused.

We give options and solutions to each individual’s circumstances so they are informed to make safe decisions and take back control of their own life.

Our Aims
  • To encourage the provision of temporary accommodation for women and children (if any) whose lives have been affected by Domestic abuse.
  • To offer support, information and help to any women and children (if any) who are not staying in our supported accommodation through Outreach support.
  • To promote equal opportunities and participation from women in our society, in aid to help them determine their own future.
  • To provide opportunities for the educational and emotional needs.
  • To encourage statutory authorities and other agencies to recognise their obligations; legal and otherwise towards abuse, and act accordingly towards the prevention of abuse and relief from suffering.
  • To be mindful that abuse is the result of society’s degradation and ignorance towards women’s true status in society. To promote education and inform the community/representatives to learn to respect women, hopefully abetting prevention.
  • To encourage research into the cause, prevention and relief of such suffering and abuse to women.
  • To do all other things as will properly attain the above purposes.