Inclusion Alliance is a voluntary organisation providing a service to people with learning disabilities or high support needs to lead full lives as members of their local communities. The organisation is a response to the desire of people with learning difficulties to lead inclusive valued lives that are not segregated from the rest of their fellow citizens.

One-to-one support is provided to men and women during weekdays between the hours of 7.30am and 5pm. Support hours can be used flexibly during the day according to the persons needs and wishes. Currently, the service is being used mostly by people as an alternative to traditional day care centres. The organisation is aware that flexibility is important for people and not every person is in receipt of full time support hours or may also wish to share support with other providers on different days and this is something which we are able to assist with where required.

The support provided by Inclusion Alliance is based around people’s needs and desires and a great deal of time is spent developing the support with the person, and those close to then, to ensure that the support meets peoples wishes. The support provided is based in the community and involves tapping into resources such as local libraries, community groups and activities, volunteering and can also involve supporting people to attend College courses.

During the past ten years Inclusion Alliance has supported many School leavers through transitions from School settings into community based support with great success. This support has involved supporting people to learn and develop new skills through College courses and also numerous community opportunities.

​Our Aim

Our primary aim is to enable people who need long term support to lead the lives they and the people closest to them choose as active participants in local communities.