We exist to support All Men’s mental health, improve men's quality of life, expand and enrich men’s connections. We facilitate activities that support positive mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing for men.

We run weekly groups, sessions and activities, facilitated on a peer to peer basis where men can meet in a safe and friendly place, talk openly, be listened to and feel supported without judgment within a confidential setting from people who are equal to you – your peers. Men from all walks of life come together daily/weekly to share their experiences, their struggles and their advice with one another. In our peer support network and groups you are able to talk to other men who have first-hand lived experience of similar situations. Men can come along, take part, have fun, get fit, meet new people.  Or men can simply come along, see what we are about and listen without any pressure to talk.  This is absolutely fine too. 

We also run FREE weekly sessions for All Men to attend. All sessions are aimed to support Good health (both mental and physical), and are a perfect opportunity for men to become connected in positive meaningful activities.  Come along and make new friends; get fitter; gain new skills and confidence; regain a sense of purpose and ultimately be a positive male role model within your  family and  community.