Tiphereth is a unique Edinburgh community. A place where people with learning disabilities, staff and volunteers work and grow together.

The members of our community have learning disabilities, autism and other complex needs. We are a registered charity and a Camphill community. Camphill builds communities where everyone can find purpose and belonging.

Supported Living

Tiphereth operates a supported living service. This combines community living with the independence of renting a home. Our residents live in single and shared tenancies.

Our two shared tenancies have four residents each. One is a house called Kitezh, five minutes walk from the main Tiphereth facilities. The other is a shared flat next to our community hall. These have an emphasis on communal living and shared decision making. Residents live together, sharing the responsibility for their homes.

The Fairways comprises two single tenancy flats and the shared flat. These are wrapped around our Community hall at Hoyland House. These individual tenancies offer self-contained accommodation alongside a wholesome social and cultural calendar.