Common Thread aims to inspire the sector by offering exceptional, therapeutic and innovative care, tailored to the needs and unlimited potential of every member of our community.

We've been on this journey since the company was founded by Julie Joseph in 2004. Our mission has always been to nurture and support the healing and empowerment of young people hurt by trauma, abuse and neglect— with loving environments, with acts of kindness, and with words and deeds of encouragement and support.

Because the most traumatised young people deserve a place to put down roots. At Common Thread, we provide that space where they can grow, learn, develop and make positive memories.

Common Thread’s first school near Dumfries opened in 2009 - a core part of our service because education is an essential element to providing exceptional childcare. The demand for inclusive education in the community soon led to the opening of our second school in Kilmarnock.

Our schools provide a supportive, nurturing and inclusive environment for learners who have become detached from mainstream education. and we now strive to share our good practice with as many organisations as possible.