The Family Centre and the Nursery were developed as a result of years of campaigning by Mother and Toddler Groups who identified a lack of services and resources for parents and children under 5 in the area.

Both resources started up as part of the Fersands and Fountain Community Project in 1992 and are managed by an elected group of local people known as ‘The Management Committee’. We are presently funded by Aberdeen City Council with additional small grants from Surestart, Aberdeen Early Years Childcare Partnership, Fairer Scotland Fund, Robertson Trust, Asda and the North Sound Radio ‘Cash for Kids’ Fund. 

 The Family Centre generally supports families with children under 5 years old but also offers adult groups and an initial drop-in service to all local people.  

Fersands and Fountain Community Project offer a range of facilities to school age children, young people and adults in the area. The services range from junior clubs to adult education.

 For more information on services throughout the Project contact

Trisha Burnett, Administration Assistant, on Tel. 01224 524951/524946

E.mail –