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Teaching in Aberdeen

At Aberdeen City Council, we have 11 secondary, 47 primary and enhanced provision for Additional Support Needs, including Orchard Brae School and Aspire at Kingsgate. The opportunity exists for class teachers, middle and senior leadership roles, and development roles. As an organisation, we place high emphasis on supporting our teachers including:

  • A high-quality, supportive probationer programme of learning in your first year of teaching
  • In-school mentoring during your probationer year
  • On-going professional learning to help you develop your career, including masters level studying
  • A comprehensive continuous professional development programme throughout the year covering all education priorities locally and nationally

Teachers may also be eligible for relocation expenses (up to £8,000) and recruitment and retention incentive payments (up to £5,000). To get a flavour of education at Aberdeen City Council, please also visit Abernet

Becoming a Teacher

Teaching is a rewarding, exciting and challenging career. As a teacher, you will be supporting the City’s children by sharing your knowledge and inspiring them to learn and discover new things, while supporting them to grow and develop.

There is lots of choice on offer. You can work in areas such as primary education, secondary education, Gaelic-medium education, English as an additional language as well as additional support needs and support for learning. For secondary education, subjects include English, Maths, Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology), Home Economics, Art and Design, Business Education, Computing, Drama, Gaelic, Geography, History, Modern Foreign Languages, Modern Studies, Physical Education, Religious Education, Music and Technological Education. To become a teacher, there are a few routes (we have provided links to our local university courses but these are available at a number of Scottish universities):

Undergraduate Course:

Postgraduate Courses:

Once you have successfully completed your qualification, you will then undertake a 'probation year' as a teacher.  If you are eligible, you can secure your probation year through the Teacher Induction Scheme.  However, this is not the only avenue available for your probation year.  One of our Teachers, Hannah, spoke to the GTCS about her decision to go down the flexible route.  Her blog post can be found here.

Qualified Outside of Scotland

We welcome applications from teachers who qualified outside of Scotland. However, we have a requirement that you have your GTCS registration. To find out more about how to get GTCS registration, please visit the GTCS website HERE.

School Management

We have a number of opportunities for roles such as Depute Head Teachers and Head Teachers in both our primary and secondary schools. Here’s what some of our existing Head Teachers have to say about their role and why they like living and working in Aberdeen: