Shetland - living life to the full

Shetland has space for you and your family to settle and grow, excellent, modern schools and the kind of warm welcome that makes settling in easy.

There’s a wide range of housing, from town apartment to remote crofthouse, all offering swift access to Shetland’s stunning landscape and thrilling coastline. It’s a safe place to raise a family, offering children great freedom, but Shetland is lively, with a bustling social and sports scene and activities for everyone. And not just those committed to the outdoor life, though the isles are justly famed for birdwatching, sailing, walking, otter and whale spotting and much more.

There’s a state of the art cinema and arts complex offering first run movies and many visiting musical stars. A network of museums and busy community halls. Acclaimed restaurants, bars, and cafes, and not just in Lerwick. Music is a crucial part of community life, with a range of festivals year-round, including the internationally-famed Folk Festival. Of course, Up Helly Aa lightens the winter with Viking fire.

The council tax is relatively low and health provision excellent, with a 52-bed hospital and the full range of GP, optician and dental services. Our colleges offer courses to degree level, in disciplines from ship management to art and design, catering to aquaculture, music production to textiles.

And while Shetland may seem far away, it’s well connected. Superb roads, frequent bus services, reliable inter-island ferries and increasingly, superfast broadband. There are nightly sailings to the Scottish mainland and frequent daily flights to a variety of destinations. Residents qualify for discounted fares.

Comfortable, safe, exciting, both familiar and unlike anywhere else. Shetland is a place to be at home.

For more information visit the Shetland Islands Council website