Clifton Hall has existed as an independent school since its inception in 1930.

So what makes Clifton Hall different from other schools? Well, we treat each pupil as an individual and we seek to personalise their education so that they can benefit from being given the opportunity to shine. Clifton Hall School will NEVER contain more than 500 pupils, in small classes and in small year groups. With this structure, we can discover talents, care and nurture and help to assist in the development of character and self-belief.

We see the student who is a talented ballet dancer in the same high regard as the student achieving an A at Advanced Higher in English in the same high regard as the junior pupil who has already attained Grade 8 on the violin. In other words, whatever your talent, whatever your ability, we will ensure you have the opportunity to develop in the way which is important to you.

We really mean it when we say: Clifton Hall School – Where Everyone Matters.