<p>The Glasgow Colleges’ Regional Board is responsible for securing the coherent provision of high quality fundable higher and further education in Glasgow’s colleges. We are also responsible for the:</p>

<li>strategic planning of college provision across the Glasgow region;</li>
<li>monitoring of performance; and</li>
<li>allocation of funding to colleges within our region.</li>


<p>We were established as part of the Scottish Government’s ambitious programme of college reform. The Post-16 Education (Scotland) Act set up a new regional structure to meet the specific needs of learners, employers and the economy.</p>

<p>GCRB includes the three Glasgow Colleges: City of Glasgow College, Glasgow Clyde College and Glasgow Kelvin College. Together, we have made big changes to our governance and accountability. We focus on successful outcomes for students and employers.</p>

<p>Our values will drive our success.</p>

<li>Ambitious for our learners, our colleges, our economy and our communities.</li>
<li>Regional and responsive in developing learning opportunities and skills to help our region to flourish.</li>
<li>Collaborative; combining the skills, knowledge, character and strengths of all our colleges to unlock regional potential.</li>