<p><span style="color: black;">The Independent Living Association was established in 1998. &nbsp;The associations objectives are to;</span></p>

<li><span style="color: black;">To work with disabled people, their dependents and carers living within Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire and promote their Independent Living with a human rights-based approach, regardless of their protected characteristics.</span></li>
<li><span style="color: black;">Partner the Local Statutory Authorities, Health and Social Care / Voluntary Organisations and people in a common effort to advance education and knowledge of Independent Living and Self-Directed Support. </span></li>
<li><span style="color: black;">Provide or assist in the provision of activities and facilities in the interest of local people so that conditions of living may be improved</span></li>

<p>We are a user influenced Support Organisation based in Grangemouth proving support to individuals, carers, families and children in the Forth Valley area.&nbsp;We are currently funded by, though independent of, Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire Health and Social Care Partnerships and Scottish Government.</p>

<p>Our aim is to support people in practicing choice and control over their Support for greater independence, with sustained and improved health and wellbeing.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>

<p>Our role is to ensure that people and carers, either eligible or not eligible for SDS, have choice and control. We offer impartial independent support that helps people make informed decisions about SDS by putting people at the centre of the process</p>

<p><span style="color: black;">Meaning people have:</span></p>

<li><span style="color: black;">Access to clearer information about SDS.</span></li>
<li><span style="color: black;">More awareness of the support available to access and manage SDS.</span></li>
<li><span style="color: black;">Greater empowerment to make more informed choices about SDS.</span></li>
<li><span style="color: black;">The time and opportunity to be listened to.</span></li>
<li><span style="color: black;">An equal partner.</span></li>
<li><span style="color: black;">Opportunities to maximise for choice and control.</span></li>
<li><span style="color: black;">Chances to contribute to local policy development by becoming involved with our Organisation.</span></li>


<p><span style="color: black;">The provision of independent support ensures transparent and impartial information with the removal of conflicts of interest.</span></p>

<p><strong style="color: black;">Independent Support that is </strong></p>

<li><strong style="color: black;">Responsive</strong></li>
<li><strong style="color: black;">Flexible</strong></li>
<li><strong style="color: black;">Holistic</strong></li>
<li><strong style="color: black;">Impartial</strong></li>
<li><strong style="color: black;">Trusted</strong></li>
<li><strong style="color: black;">Local</strong></li>