Our vision is for families in Leith to thrive – feeling safe, supported and healthy. We seek to improve and enhance the quality of the lives of families and children that use the creche, cafe, cookery classes, counselling services, groups and summer activities.

We strive to be a “one stop shop” where families can get what they need under one roof, and to make sure that the services provided locally are the ones that are needed. We believe in asking local people what they want.

Dr Bell’s Family Centre is for everyone. However, we believe that the neediest families should get the most support.

Our Aims:

  • To build and celebrate community;
  • To welcome and respect diversity;
  • To safeguard children’s rights;
  • To promote families’ rights and responsibilities;
  • To bring people together;
  • To be responsive to the changing needs of the community.

What we are hoping to achieve in Leith:

  • A community where parents and carers get help with parenting;
  • An improvement in parenting skills;
  • A community which looks after its children and helps them to grow;
  • Services offered to families locally that are the ones they say they need;
  • An opportunity for local parents to develop their skills through a variety of volunteering and training opportunities;
  • Children and families will get the help and support they need quickly;
  • An opportunity for families to learn about healthy eating;
  • Improved mental health in families with young children.