The Dundee Carers Centre is an independent organisation with charitable status and has been working with carers, young carers and disabled people for over twenty-five years. The Centre is proud of its reputation for demonstrating innovation and in supporting people to achieve their aspirations for the future. While it looks back on its record with pride, there are challenges ahead. The number of adults in need of care is expected to increase 30% by 2026 as our population ages. The financial strain on local authorities to be able to support carers and their families is going to become even more challenging meaning that the expectation on families to do more could present a limited quality of life for carers and the people they are caring for.

Research has found that 32% of carers state that caring has a negative effect on their health, and carers providing more hours of care are less likely to state that they have good or very good health. Carers Scotland found that many carers start experiencing health problems when they begin caring, and that pre-existing health problems amongst carers can become worse. Commonly carers suffer from lack of sleep, poor diet and physical injuries, particularly back injuries as well as mental health issues.