For over 45 years people in Fife experiencing mental health problems have been able to turn to Express Group to help them cope and recover. The aim of the Groups is to promote positive mental wellbeing by providing a safe place for sharing experiences and peer support. This aim is as relevant today as it was in 1977, when Express Group started to operate, and the number of people living in the community with mental health problems is as large as ever.

"If it wasn't for Express Group I don't know where I would be." 

There are currently twelve Groups at nine locations across Fife each week, providing various activities to encourage social interaction and confidence building, helping to make new friends and make the most of life in the community. The Groups are run by a dedicated group of staff, volunteers and very much by the members themselves, which creates a feeling of belonging and safety. For some, the Groups are perhaps the only place they can meet people and socialise; for others, they are a chance to help and show what they can do.