The Forth Rivers Trust aims to engage people with rivers and wildlife that live within the Forth catchment whilst conserving rivers and their important species for future generations. The Trust is involved with many projects ranging from full scale restoration of rivers to engaging communities through organised events.  

The Forth is an iconic landmark for Scotland and the Estuary and Firth along with its tributaries have driven industry over the centuries. The Forth catchment spans a vast area covering over 3000km² and is home to roughly 25% of Scotland’s population together with a wide range of wildlife. Made up of 13 river catchments including several coastal burns, the Forth catchment is a unique and special place. 

From Dunbar and Fife Ness in the East to Balquhidder in the West, to Kinross in the North and the Pentlands in the South, the Forth catchment is vast and includes all rivers which flow into the Firth of Forth and Forth Estuary.  

The water, land, and freshwater habitats in the Forth area are under increasing pressure. The Forth Rivers Trusts works in collaboration with others to conserve, maintain and improve the quality of these environments bringing benefits to both people and wildlife. To achieve this aim the FRT will: 

  1. Engage with others and make connections which supports the physical improvement and awareness of the freshwater environment (locally, regionally and nationally); 
  2. Provide an impartial ecosystem science-based approach to river catchment management; 
  3. Gather, maintain and communicate relevant information, providing advice, guidance and support on relevant ecological and conservation matters; 
  4. Providing training and learning programmes which supports the Trust and others to undertake improvements to aligned with the Trust’s delivery plans; and 
  5. Deliver scientifically robust, deliverable, and sustainable solutions to mitigate the many issues faced by the rivers draining into the Forth Estuary.