Generations Working Together is the nationally recognised centre of excellence supporting the development and integration of intergenerational work across Scotland.

GWT’s vision is to live in a Scotland where different generations are more connected, and everyone has the opportunity to build relationships that help to create a fairer society. Our mission is to develop, expand and improve intergenerational practice.

By intergenerational work we mean projects, activities or events where people of different generations who might not otherwise meet each other do things together in positive and creative ways. Intergenerational work includes any activities which remove and break down barriers between the generations.

GWT provides a range of face to face and online training opportunities, a library of resources, organise events, facilitate local networks across Scotland and deliver pilot projects, all of which support and encourage the involvement of volunteers and grass roots projects as well as the more strategic levels of management and government. Importantly we connect individuals and organisations who work across different generations building trust and respect which creates long lasting friendships. Together through intergenerational work the different generations can share their skills and learn new ones identifying solutions on how to address local problems and challenges in their communities.

GWT has more than 3000 members across Scotland and supports 18 local intergenerational networks, each meeting 2 and 4 times a year. The networks cover most of Scotland from the Scottish Borders to the Highlands and Islands and consist of a rich mix of community and public service groups (volunteers and paid staff) that currently use or want to learn how to use intergenerational approaches for the benefit of local communities and the people who live there.

GWT has contributed to the development of Scottish Government Policy and is widely recognised as the go to organisation in respect of intergenerational practice. GWT works closely with intergenerational experts and colleagues from across the UK and further afield in Spain, America, Sweden, Austria, Australia, New Zealand and Korea.