ILF Scotland is a Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) constituted as a company limited by guarantee. It was created following the closure of the UK ILF in June 2015 and has been administering ILF funding for existing fund recipients in Scotland and Northern Ireland since 1 July 2015. The purpose of this funding is to enable independent living for disabled people, giving recipients control, choice and dignity. In late 2017, the Transition Fund (TF) was launched after major co-production, to support young disabled people between 16-25 in the transition after leaving school or children’s services to be more independent, more active and engaged in their community, and to build and maintain relationships with other people.

ILF Scotland currently distributes annual funding through the Independent Living  Fund and Transition Fund (TF) of approximately £55m alongside revenue budget of approximately £4M totalling around £60 million to support individual recipients lead independent lives. The organisation consists of a staff team of around 78 people, who provide independent living support for over 8,000 current fund recipients per annum split between the 2015 Fund (2,300) and Transition Fund (6,000). 

This is an exciting time to be part of ILF Scotland’s team following the recent re-opening of the Independent Living Fund, which will increase the number of disabled people who will receive additional funding to help achieve their independent living outcomes.

The organisation is fully funded by and accountable to, Scottish and Northern Ireland Government Ministers via a Board of Directors. Directors are appointed by Scottish Ministers in-line with the Scottish Public Appointments process.

As a values-based organisation, ILF Scotland takes a values led approach to legislative compliance where people and relationship building are a key focus.