About Ipsos MORI

Ipsos MORI, part of the Ipsos Group, is the largest Market Research company in the UK with a presence in 84 countries. We are a company of enquiring minds and passionate people driven by three core values: success; innovation and results.

Through specialisation, we offer our clients a unique depth of knowledge and expertise. Learning from different experiences gives us perspective and inspires us to boldly call things into question, to be creative. By nurturing a culture of collaboration and curiosity, we attract the highest calibre of people who have the ability and desire to influence and shape the future

Ipsos MORI Field

The most energetic department within Ipsos, we look after all aspects of our Face to Face Interview surveys. Almost every day a new opinion poll or survey hits the headlines. A large number of these surveys are conducted face-to-face by our Field Market Research Interviewers.

We are HIRING for our 2018 Projects.

If you are curious, confident and enjoy meeting people, join our panel of Market Research Interviewers where you can help share the opinions of the UK public.

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