We are OnFife and we know how valuable creativity is to our communities. Whether we’re helping people learn or making them laugh – we’re here to bring people together, and make them feel good.

We specialise in making jaws drop, hearts warm, eyes light up and imaginations run wild.

From the screen to the stage, the painting to the page, from the treasures of the past to the stars of the future – culture is our oxygen.

Our spaces are some of Fife’s favourite places – from historic buildings to mobile libraries, awardwinning new destinations to much-loved community hubs. Museums, theatres, galleries, libraries, and archives – we offer them all.

OnFife is a registered charity – here for Fife, not for profit. Every penny we make is invested back into free and affordable entertainment and learning. So whether you buy a ticket, book a venue, grab a coffee, or

donate – you’re helping keep the doors to inspiration open to everyone.

Our values:  Fearless, Inviting, Fair and Exciting.