Scotland Excel is the Centre of Procurement Expertise for local government in Scotland. Established in 2008, we are an award-winning public procurement organisation funded by Scotland’s 32 local authorities.

Scotland Excel has helped to establish procurement as an effective mechanism for supporting local government financial challenges and policy priorities through the delivery of national collaborative contracts and initiatives which increase procurement capability across the public sector.  

Our £1bn contract portfolio supports the delivery of the essential public services provided by councils including social care, construction, roads, transport, environment, corporate and education. We also work in partnership with other public sector organisations to deliver procurement support across a range of key national policy areas including digital solutions. 

The Scotland Excel Academy offers accredited programmes in procurement, leadership and management, project management and business analysis, as well as non-accredited workshops in a wide range of topics. We also deliver change projects and transformation programmes for members at a national and local level. 

In 2017, Scotland Excel launched a procurement programme for the affordable housing sector and is working with a growing number of housing associations across Scotland. Associate membership of Scotland Excel is open to all public sector bodies and organisations that engage in activities of a public nature.