<h1>Specialist National Education and Therapy Centre of Excellence</h1><p>The Scottish Centre for Children with Motor Impairments (SCCMI), based at the Craighalbert Centre, is one of Scotland’s Grant Aided Special Schools and is funded directly by the Scottish Government to provide specialist and high quality integrated therapy and education for children and young people affected by cerebral palsy and similar neurological conditions from all parts of Scotland.</p><p>Cerebral palsy is a term used to describe a wide range of difficulties affecting children associated with balance, posture, movement, co-ordination, communication and the ability to learn. These difficulties are the result of damage to the brain, which can occur before or during birth, or in the first two years of a child’s life, when the brain is developing.</p><p>SCCMI believes that children with cerebral palsy and related neurological conditions require a focused and specialist environment within which their needs are addressed, their abilities can be developed and within which they can progress and flourish. SCCMI has therefore a clear, specific and specialist focus on children affected by neurological conditions, rather than attempt to offer services for children who have a wide range of conditions and needs.</p><p>Operating within a specially designed, well resourced and high quality facility at the Craighalbert Centre, SCCMI’s experienced, highly trained and educated staff operate in tightly knit teams, which include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech and language therapists, teachers and early years practitioners. These staff work in an integrated, collaborative manner to enable children and young people to maximise their abilities, achieve their full potential and develop their maximum level of independence.</p><p>In addition to having highly experienced and well educated staff, SCCMI is also ‘family-focused’ and parents are regarded as a key component of the team which develops the child’s abilities.</p><p>SCCMI has programmes which address the needs of children with neurological conditions from birth to 19 years through a range of specialist and age-appropriate programmes. In so many other organisations, the focus is on what children are unable to do, however the focus in all SCCMI’s programmes is on what each child can do and how each child’s specific abilities can be enhanced.</p>