The Scottish Prison Service (SPS) is an Agency of the Scottish Government, working in partnership with organisations in the public, private and voluntary sectors to deliver safe and secure custodial services that empower offenders to take responsibility and to fulfil their potential. We employ over 4000 people in a diverse range of professions across our 13 prisons, College and Headquarters.

Using an asset-based approach, we work to empower those in our care to unlock their potential and transform their lives. We seek to assess the risks and needs of those we work with and build on their individual strengths, looking at what we can do ‘for’ people rather than what we do ‘to’ people. The Scottish Prison Service recognise that in order to be successful we must continually build robust and progressive partnerships, and that we cannot provide, in isolation, the opportunities and support necessary for those in our care to sustain positive and crime-free lives when they return to their communities.

To enable us to successfully deliver our Vision, we are committed to nurturing and investing in our greatest strength and resource: our people. We are proud to employ a diverse range of people; each contributing their own unique experiences and skills to enhance the service we deliver. Whatever the role, you will find your SPS experience both challenging and rewarding. You will be committed to helping us to achieve our goals and in return we will be committed to helping you to achieve yours.

Whatever SPS profession you embark upon, you will be a valued member of the team, helping us build a Safer Scotland for the communities we serve. We are committed to your personal and professional development and offer a wide range of career progression opportunities.