Scotland is on track to be one of the first countries in the world to achieve zero HIV transmissions, and Waverley Care will play an essential role in getting us there. 

A positive HIV diagnosis still has the power to knock people off their feet and impact every part of their lives. People living with HIV still carry the burden of decades of discrimination and misinformation about HIV. HIV is treatable, but the stigma and shame surrounding HIV holds people back and makes it different to other life-long conditions. Stigma and the fear of an HIV diagnosis still prevents many people at risk getting a test and knowing their status. 

Our vision is for a Scotland where no one faces HIV alone, we will achieve this by fighting stigma and empowering people living with HIV to live full and healthy lives.  

Waverley Care is Scotland’s leading HIV and hepatitis C charity, and everything we do is guided by the experiences of the people we work with – this ranges from shaping the services we deliver through to how we influence national policy around sexual health and blood borne viruses. 

We are at an exciting point in our history as we strive to reach the goal of zero transmissions by 2030. We are in the first year of an ambitious new strategic plan, and we are investing in digital transformation, communications and policy, and we have aims to significantly increase our fundraising to invest in strengthening our support and prevention work across Scotland.  

There is much work to be done, but as an organisation we are driven to create lasting change for everyone in Scotland living with, or at risk of HIV or hepatis C.