There are many career benefits to being a teacher in Scotland. From opportunities for advancement to a generous pension scheme, keep reading to learn what’s waiting for you.


The Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers (SCNT) determines the annual salaries of primary and secondary school teachers.

Newly qualified teachers in their probation year currently start on a salary of £22,416. Once fully registered, salaries rise by annual increments over the first five years from £26,895 to £35,763.

Promotion prospects are good too. Head teachers in Scotland’s largest schools can earn up to £86,319.

Working Week and Holidays

Teachers work a 35-hour week with a maximum of 22.5 hours devoted to class contact time.

A teacher’s full working year is 195 days. That includes 5 days of in-service training. Every year, a full-time teacher will get 40 days’ holiday at full pay, and it is pro-rated for part-time staff.

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In Scotland, the Curriculum for Excellence ensures teachers have opportunities for Continued Professional Development (CPD):

  • An annual Professional Review and Development interview to discuss strengths and areas for development
  • An annual review and development plan
  • 35 hours of CPD per year, based on personal, school, and local authority needs

Under this plan, teachers have the opportunity to progress and develop their career.


If you have young children of your own (under 5), you will be eligible to receive up to 600 hours of free childcare as part of a scheme by the Scottish Government. That’s the equivalent of around 16 hours per week during term time.

See the full range of childcare benefits offered by the Scottish Government here.


Teachers in Scotland qualify for competitive pension benefits based on career average earnings. Further benefits include ‘death in service’ cover.

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Although teaching can be challenging, it can also offer great personal satisfaction. Combine that with a competitive salary and pension scheme, generous holiday entitlement, and excellent career development prospects, and teaching could be the career for you.

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