Stirling, Scotland's Heart

Stirling lies in the heart of central Scotland. And we’re at the heart of life here.

From the city, with its stunning skyline dominated by the historic castle, to some of Scotland’s finest countryside beyond, the area has something for everyone. Stirling may be steeped in history, but it also has a modern vibe, with great places to eat, drink and unwind. All in all it’s a great mix – rather like the people who work for us.

Stirling Council covers an area the size of Luxembourg. We educate 14,000 children, support 600 people in care homes, cut 3 million square metres of grass every 10 days, collect 41,000 bins every week, remove 12 tonnes of litter and debris from our streets every day, and produce 850,000 school meals each year.

Stirling Council is changing, just as Stirling is changing. We are transforming how we work and deliver our services. We must be more flexible in the way we work, being risk aware not risk averse, more customer-focused, building up our economy to create jobs and attract investment, be smarter with the data we have and the decisions we make. We want to be more closely aligned with the communities we serve and are working closely with them and our other partners to ensure that they can shape and influence what we do.

There are challenges, but we see the Stirling of the future as a place that’s recognised externally as being famous for its customer service, famous for our socially active communities leading the delivery of local solutions, and famous for punching above its weight and generating economic growth, in which we are able to give everyone access to high quality skills, training or employment. Stirling Council will continue to challenge itself to deliver more for the area and its people in the future.

Working with our community planning partners, Stirling Council is committed to ensuring the best possible outcomes for everyone who lives in the Stirling area. We have developed ‘The Stirling Plan’ which sets out a clear and ambitious vison for the Stirling area; to be somewhere everyone can thrive.

The outcomes we are working to;

  • Prosperous people are part of a prosperous economy that promotes inclusive growth opportunities across our communities.
  • Healthy people are healthy and live full and positive lives, within supportive communities.
  • Achieving people are skilled and supported to make a positive contribution to communities
  • Resilient people are part of safe and caring communities with an attractive, safe and sustainable environment.