Living in Stirlingshire

A lifestyle that's hard to beat

We’re proud to say that our local economy is one of the fastest growing in Scotland, and the city is internationally recognised as a major centre of learning. In addition to the renowned University, there are a number of excellent further education centres in the area offering a wide range of courses. There are 30 nursery schools, 40 primary schools and 7 secondary schools, including some of the best performing in Scotland with results consistently above the national average.

Stirling's central location and excellent transport links means that commuting to Edinburgh or Glasgow is easy. Stirling is also well connected to the north by road and rail, so the rest of Scotland is easily within reach.

The area is popular with tourists, attracting millions of visitors every year thanks to the region's rich history and stunning countryside, including Scotland's first National Park. Add to this theatres, cinemas, galleries, great restaurants, sporting facilities and easily accessible shopping, and it's easy to see why life in Stirling is hard to beat.